Structural Engineer Inspection

Structural Engineer Inspection

Engineering inspections are not something to be done once the project has been completed. Instead, to avoid any future disappointments, several inspections throughout the construction phase are a must. 



To schedule an inspection, simply call our team on the mentioned numbers. The booking team will request your details and a phone number for SMS confirmation. You may also be required to provide two email addresses for report delivery. 

Structural Inspections

On the scheduled time and day, our building inspector will visit the site and carry out the inspection. All elements will be thoroughly examined, and issues, if any, will be promptly added to the Report. 

Reports & Certifications

Once complete, you will get the Live Summary Inspection Report via Email. The report will highlight the issues along with the required actions. The certification report will only be released when the highlighted issues have been resolved.


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Structural Engineer Inspection

When it comes to construction and engineering, ensuring compliance with industry standards, regulations, and codes is a principle that serves as the basic foundation of every successful project. Compliance with local and national regulations is not optional but a legal requirement. Failing to comply with any of these can lead to legal actions, project delays, and fines.